Sailing and some videos

An Evening Climb

We had a fantastic sail today just before we dropped the kids back in at the Inner Harbour. I took some video footage to let you have a glimpse of what it is like. Pretty much all you can hear is the wind and me mumbling in the background. We were going about 9 knots (which is the fastest I think I’ve seen) close hauled and were, therefore, quite heeled over. Some of the kids were less than enthused, but I was having a great time (especially since all my galley duties were done for the day). This is what it will be like Offshore, except even more heeled over and for days at a time.

“Coming About”

“Sailing” – I’m sitting on a deckbox less than a foot up from the water…

Déjà Vu

UPDATE: Sorry, don’t know where the videos gone. I’m off the Calgary in the morning and don’t feel like fixing it now. You can find the video from the link after where the video is supposed to be.

I heard this song/video on TV the other day. I think its pretty neat what they’re doing and I love the shots of Vancouver and Montreal. For the story behind the song, see here

KT Tunstall

Pretty snazzy y’all. Make sure your sound is on (unless you are in a place where you shouldn’t have it on, in which case, make sure it is off becuase the video is automatic play).