the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning…

…and thus started the first day of the last semester of my degree.

Wow, if feels good to actually be there, and I think I’m going to like all my classes this semester too. Even though I’ve only experienced two of them as of yet, I am hopefully optimistic.

Spent a crazy holiday… too short yet too long. I would have liked more time to chill at home here before I had to head back over to the Lower Mainland. However New Years in Cuba was fantastic. Yes, thats right, Cuba. My first ever warm New Years. So now I am back home, sporting a fantastic tan, and loving making everyone here jealous. Especially those who went back east for Christmas where there is heaps of snow… It is currently 3am Cuban standard time, 11pm for me here in the Pacific time zone – I am trying to acclimatize my body back to this time by procrastinating in putting away my laundry so I can find my bed to go to sleep. I reckon that if I wait long enough before going to bed I won’t wake up at 5am again. That was a little too early this morning.

I was out tonight at a farewell dinner for a good friend who is heading off to Australia for 6-ish months. She leaves Monday. I will be sad. All my friends over there, if you meet a really cool Canadian girl named Megan who knows me, be super nice to her! I’m also kinda jealous ’cause I want to go back to Australia…


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