My Life is Complete

My life is now complete.
I have witnessed, in person, living flesh, Jack Layton say that it is “your health card, not your credit card” that will get me health care.
Thats right, the big Dipper himself was in Victoria this morning, at UVic (in the smallest room possible in the Law Building). I’m still not sure why I went, maybe to see if he could possibly convince me to vote for the NDP. I must say, his environmental, educational and health planks of the platform are quite good. I’m just not sure how they are going to pay for it all.
At least the NDP say something about education. The Conservatives say nothing about education, the Liberal’s platform is less than encouraging (reduce tuition overall please).
I’ve never been to a press conference thingy before (whatever you would call these campaign stops). It was interesting. In my hesitation over whether or not I would shake his hand, I missed out and he walked right by. What do you say to a politician when you shake their hand? “Good luck” But if you’re probably not going to vote for them, isn’t that a little hypocrytical? “Nice to meet you” A little bit callous in the type of environment we were in. You can see my dillema. And so I missed out.


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