First clue that it was a busy week…

I thought that the week would get better once my exams were over. Not so. Or maybe it is just because there were three of the little suckers combined with some of the worst weather ever and I am feeling sorry for myself.
BreakForth was excellent. As good as all of the presenters were, with the exception of, say, Bruce Wilkinson, I do start to wonder if anyone ever has anything new to say. Not that what they said was bad, because (with the one exception noted above) it was good. Good reminders anyway. And it was really really nice to be able to experience that quality of music again, and feel enveloped by worship. That was probably my favourite part of the conference. That and the enthusiasm and excitement of the other people who came from my church. It was so good to watch them and hear their excitement about everything. Thats when I realise how blessed I have been in some of the teaching I have recieved. Oh, and Ken Davis was a hoot as well.
I would have to say that the best part of the weekend was hanging out with my sister, going to her church with her Sunday morning, and seeing friends who live in Alberta who I haven’t seen for years. I need more weekends like that!

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