I’ve just spent the week in Nanaimo for group planning our trip to China with IVCF in July/August. We’ve started a blog site for that, so follow there for all the info on China: Xining Global Parnership. I’ve also got a side blog to this one at China Bound. Nine out of 14 of us were there this weekend, and it was really neat becuase I had met all of them before. Jeff and Anna are coming, which is very exciting for me because I haven’t gotten to spend much time with Anna in the last few years. And there are three of us from Victoria. Christine I have gotten to know over the last year in Bible Study, but I don’t know Nicole that well (or didn’t before this weekend anyway!) so it was really good that way.
We’ll be posting China stuff on there fairly regularily, along with photos.
But, here’s some photos that didn’t make the cut for that site:


One thought on “China…

  1. How do you think of xining? do you know qing hai lake? it is very famous in China, and qinghai lake is the largest lake in China. i know more information about China, if you want to know, you can conctact me.

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