and Home again

The weekend in Vancouver was a great sucess. I have now met all of the team except one member from Toronto. I think we have a great team and it was lots of fun to hang out all weekend, although tiring at times. I also got to hang out with Anna who I don’t talk to nearly enough and see Nanc who I don’t see much either .

The days are counting down until I am done school! It is hard to believe that that day is finally coming. I had a presentation last night for my seminar and that seemed to go well. We got our paper back (the one we wrote in 2 marathon sessions over 2 days) and he said it was “Great!” (he told us that just before the presentation, so that was a big encouragement). Now I don’t have to think about breast self examination and mammography again (at least until I’m 40, but thats a whole other story)… Instead, I get to think about art history. My last paper of my undergrad career is art history and is due on Friday. I have never written an art history paper before. I keep hearing things about images from people and am hoping I don’t need copious amounts of pictures because I have no idea where I will get them from. In fact, I don’t even really know how to research for art history, but that is beside the point. I have 3 articles… I usually have 2 pages worth of sources for a paper this big, but we’ll make something work.


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