Jane and Julia’s Recital

I finally got to hear Jane and Julia play on their own (instead of in the orchestra) yesterday. They put on a fabulous recital with lots of unique elements: There were poetry readings interspersed throughout their performance as well as two flute players who finished up the recital. It was great fun to see them play!

I’ve always liked strings like violin and viola, and they did a great job with their duets (and solo pieces – one of which Allie joined in on)! I wish I could have made it to more concerts throughout the year. Hopefully this won’t be the last! They played music by Mozart, Bach, Hayden, and Bartok. Apparently the Mozart wasn’t very good, but I missed the bad parts. I really liked the Bartok though. Julia’s mum read a poem in Hungarian between Bartok pieces. It was about mosquitoes (I found that out afterwards!) and fit in with the music they played (one was a Mosquito Dance).
Afterwards, they served up some fantastic Middle Eastern and Hungarian food – coffee and dates along with an assortment of baked goodies Julia’s mum made.


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