God Bless Canada

For those who have, and for those who have not read about the latest “controversy” surrounding Mr. Harper… here is an article written by Warren Kinsella about Stephen Harper’s use of the phrase “God bless Canada” at the end of some of his speeches. Some have deemed it one step away from George Bush’s America (even though Bush is not the only president to have used the phrase in the past) while others have said that the way our country is headed, we need all of the help we can get (see Saturday’s National Post Letters to the Editor section – I read the print edition this weekend, so I have no link). I have been told that today on Cross Country Checkup (CBC Radio One) – which I unfortunately missed because I was busy pretending to study – Rex Murphy dealt with the issue and there were some excellent callers (one of whom was from Victoria, apparently, and was quite well-spoken, or so my landlords said – Rex actually kept him on for 15 min or so). It sounds like the country is pretty well split. Or at least the people that care to comment are split. An interesting comment that came up repeatedly on Cross Country Checkup (or so I was told), and one which I have thought myself in the past, is that everyone seems free to speak their mind except Christians, because Christian Harper is (and CMA as well! Yay for the Alliance Church!). Interesting thought. So, what do you think?


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