Flat Stanley

“Dear Ms Gillian Hoyer,
You are one of the lucky people selected to receive a “Flat Stanley” in the mail from Ms Walkling’s grade one class!
Who is Flat Stanley?
He is a character in books written by Jeff Brown. Stanley is a boy who gets flattened by a bulletin board, which falls on him while he is sleeping in his bed. He finds out that being fla can be useful. When he wants to visit his friend in California, his parents mail him there in a large envelope – along with a sandwich.
We have created our own Flat Stanleys to mail to people around the world. We love to receive mail and hope that you do too. Our Flat Stanleys came to the gym with us this week to watch the Skip-a-thon final competition. Some of them got hugged so much in the excitement that they needed ‘bandages’ afterwards.
In this envelope you will find my Flat Stanley and a page from his journal. Please keep him with you for a few days. Then write a journal page to tell me what he does with you, and mail it and Stanley back to me.
I can hardly wait to hear from you!

So this is me and Stanley. He arrived in the mail this morning and we’ve got a big week planned. I don’t know who is more excited about the whole Flat Stanley thing – me or the grade one kid who made him and sent him to me!


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