I got shot!

Well, it is only 11 am and already its been an interesting day…
I’m a bit competitive, and I like to think that I can ride my bike fast. So I left home this morning to go to my doctor and as I turned out of the driveway, the bus (the one I would take it I took the bus to get to the doctor) drove by. I passed (while it was stopped at the bus stop) it and thought “wouldn’t it be great if I beat the bus to my doctor’s appointment!” (Note – it is probably a 10-15 minute drive by car to get to my doctor, so we are not talking around the corner here.) Three blocks down the road I realised I had forgot a vital list I was to take with me to the doctor, so I turned around, quite sad that I had lost my chance to beat the bus. Retrieving my list from home (and feeling that I was going to be late for my appointment now), I turned to bike back down the street. The bus had only made it 1 or 2 stops away, so I passed it again! (The poor driver has now seen my go zooming by 3 times). “Hah!” I thought, “Maybe I will be able to beat the bus after all!” So I biked as fast as I could (partially because I was late, but also because I wanted to beat the bus) and actually did beat the bus, by 3 whole minutes!! Yay for me. And I was pretty much on time for my appointment too.
And now for the reason for the title, which I know you are all very curious about… I got my 1st
Hep A shot today in preparation for China. Yay for shots. My arm always feels kinda strange after I get a shot. So I put a cool bandaid on to make me feel special about it (picture is of me attempting to take a picture of my right upper arm…). Fortunately, he shot my right arm, so I’ll still have full hitting mobility tonight for doubles volleyball!


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