Live blogging CNTM

: OMG. There is a Canadian Jade!
: Hello Mr. Jay… and Hello Brentwood Bay! I have so been where they are going!
: Heather is the early front runner… and her prize is the same as it was for the first prize of ANTM.
: So they just had an ad for the website and I go to check it out and they already have who will be eliminated posted. Grrr.
: Hello BC legislature and the Empress! Trisha seems to be as hands on as Tyra was in the first couple seasons.
: Wow, they’ve just told Heather she has the most potential to be a top model. That’s a good way to set her up for bitchyness…
: I hope this isn’t going be another lame Canadian version of a good American show…
: And the one with the best photo goes home.

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