Oak Bay Tea Party

Yesterday was the Oak Bay Tea Party (well, it is today too, but its gross and wet outside today, to I’m not really counting today). Amanda and some of her friends and I did the 3 km “Mad Hatter’s Fun Run” to start it off, then watched the Parade afterwards. The Parade Highlight would have to be the group of Star Wars characters (mostly storm troopers and jedi knights) who walked by in full uniform as members of the 501st Chapter of Star Wars Club (I didn’t know they had such a club). Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera so I didn’t get pictures of them.
It was a gorgeous day yesterday, so after the run, I went out to the beach and fell asleep for an hour or two while reading my book. I was close enough to the fair that I could hear the music, but far enough away that it didn’t drive me crazy. Willows Beach has to be the best place in the world for a midway. Ahhh… the sand, the sun, the sound of waves on the ocean. Anyway, here’s some pictures before I get waxing too poetic.

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