Yay for photos!

These are just a few (well, a lot) of my favourite photos from my trip. There are literally 100’s more… and you can see more on my flickr, photobucket, and youtube sites. Links are below.

Tibetan tents with prayer flags near Qinghai Lake
Traditional clothes of one of the minorities in the Xining region
A yak
Fishing on the Yellow River in Xining

Ta’er Temple – Tibetan Buddhist, just south of Xining. Home of the Yellow Hat Sect.
Lamas spin the prayer wheels
More prayer wheels
Afternoon chanting
Sun-Moon Temple on the edge of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, west of Xining
Spices at the market
Pet birds all out for a bit of sunshine with their old men owners
The Great Wall at Mutianyu
Terraced mountains and fields from the train out towards Xining
Jenny and I enjoying watermelon on my first day in Xining
The Forbidden City
Dragon roof ornament in the Forbidden City
The Forbidden City

The Great Wall at Mutianyu. You can just make out some abandoned watchtowers (not restored yet) on the second hill on the right side.
Mutianyu was much steeper and there were many less people than there were at Badaling
Tienenmen Square
Me! on the Great Wall at Badaling

Me infront of Chairman Mao at Tienenmen Square and the entrance to the Forbidden City

The Great Wall
Nicole climbs the Wall

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