Why I Love Canadian Airports

In the past 4 months, I have been to eleven airports (and am about to add about 3 more to that total this week) and fifteen countries (give or take). I’ve made some interesting observations about security… Granted, in Europe I was traveling with a Dutch passport so I didn’t have to worry about “non-EU” queues at borders, however, I think that there are some interesting things going on. Canada has not had a direct security threat on our airports (that I can think of), yet we are the most anal about security. Sort of. When checking in with WestJet, there is no need to show identification until I get to the gate. So I can check in, go through security, and sit in the boarding area without ever having shown identification. It is only if I try to get on an airplane that they will check and make sure I am me. We also have strict rules about liquids. My coffee mug was inspected (there was nothing in it at the time) and I was told to check my bag because I had deodorant which, apparently, might liquefy and pose a threat to national security – I was told that all liquids had to be in a clear plastic bag and they would not supply said bag. In London Heathrow, where they have had problems with airport security, they at least give me a clear plastic zip-lock bag to use. And they didn’t care about the deodorant. Beijing, Shanghai, Copenhagen, Brussels, Paris, Dublin, Chicago, Seattle, and Prince George (which certainly belongs on that illustrious list) don’t give a damn about what is in your carry on bag unless you have knives or something like that which you deserve to loose if you are stupid enough to bring on an airplane. So someone please explain to me this ginormous contradiction in Canadian security and why we are so stupid about it when no one else really cares? I’m sure I’ll have more to say on this later.

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