Notes from the Nursing Home

I’ve been composing posts in my head for the past few days while I sit with Granny, but haven’t actually written anything yet. There have been some memorable and interesting events over the last few days. Most of the time, I’m just sitting with Granny as she lies in her fancy lazy-boy ejector chair with her eyes closed (I call it the ejector chair because it is one of those ones with a remote that makes it recline and when you have it sit up, it will bring you to almost a standing position to make getting in/out easier). I never know if she is sleeping or just resting becuase she is tired all of the time.
Sometimes I talk and tell stories about things I did in Europe because she has been to most of the places I went. Other times I tell her things about China becuase she hasn’t seen me since last year so I haven’t talked to her in person about any of these places. Sometimes she’ll open her eyes and interject a comment in her quiet whisper of a voice. Other times she will reach out her hand and grab mine (and tell me I’m cold which is funny coming from her becuase her hands are usually cold).
The other day, I was trying to do something and not having much sucess. Her (well-intentioned I’m sure) comment was “I’m glad someone else is as stupid asm I am.” I told her it must run in the family. Thanks Granny.
Once, one of the other ladies on her floor wandered into the room in her wheelchair and asked me if I knew any men from World War I. Err, um, no. Sorry to disappoint.
Today, Granny got her hair done, which was a huge ordeal. It meant going down to the salon on the 1st floor and she had to sit in a less than comfortable chair for a few hours (yay perms!). But, she wouldn’t hear of not getting her hair done. As it was, she was dozing off in the chair while Marie was putting the rods in her hair. And then dozing off more under the dryer.
While we were there, one of the other ladies in the home, who was also getting her hair done, was muttering to herself the whole time about various random things. It was cute and sad at the same time.


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