Early morning, Vancouver

Back to Vancouver from Sarnia last night via London (ON) to have lunch with my godparents who I have not seen in something like 10 years. That was lots of fun. The flights back, not so much. I am officially sick of airplanes… not that anything went wrong except being delayed 1 hour in Winnipeg airport where the sum total of fun available consists of drinking Tim Horton’s and watching airplanes take off and land on the runway. So instead of landing in Vancouver at a reasonable hour like 8:15pm, we did not land until 9:30 and then proceeded to wait another 45min before the first bags tumbled out on the baggage claim thingy. Then I couldn’t sleep for some reason, despite being crazy tired. A plus is that I love Air Canada’s new airplanes. They all have personal TVs on the back of the seat and you get to watch whatever movie you want, provided they have it. It was a pretty good selection and I had a tough time deciding. In the end I went with The Queen over Bon Cop, Bad Cop and The Rocket. I figure Dad might want to see the other two, so we can rent them sometime in the next month. Too bad it wasn’t a non-stop flight from London to Vancouver, I might have been able to squeeze two movies in!
Christmas and New Years was pretty fun. Spent the time in Sarnia hanging out with my family (Mum’s side – Montreal was Dad’s side) and it was the first time that my cousins and Jen and I have been together in ages. We are all within about 3.5-4 years of each other, so life is fun. I think I have now seen every single Firefly episode thanks to Lynne and some marathon sessions. In addition, the family has now been introduced to Bohnanza, the best game involving beans ever.
A kind person, my aunt and uncle, took up the many serious hints about wanting John Mayer’s album. Yay! It has been playing non-stop ever since I have been in contact with a CD player (ie since about 11pm last night). I think I almost know if off by heart now. My favourite tracks are “Stop This Train” and “Slow Dance in a Burning Room,” not because they are my favourite tracks to listen to but because they are one after the other on the album and the titles are funny in that order.
So now I’m back here for the next month or so until I start work in Victoria. Immediate tasks include laundry and visiting the library, not necessarily in that order. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be tackling my belongings in storage to do some reductions and find things I need for the boat.


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