That’s (d) for dumb…

So I’ve been taking a bunch of courses for work lately. The most recent fabulous no-brain needed course is First Aid. Well, maybe not no brain needed, but certainly all one requires is a marginally decent amount of common sense. For example:
There is something lodged in your throat and you are choking. If there is no one around able to administer abdominal thrusts, you should:
(a) Fall hard on your back on the floor and knock the wind out of yourself
(b) Have some one hit you very hard on the back a few times
(c) Throw yourself against a wall
(d) Try to dislodge the substance by administering abdominal thrusts on the back of a chair.
Ummm… lets see. (a) I will die, (b) I will make things worse, (c) I will make myself unconscious.
Yeah, I got 100% on the first half so far.


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