Photo Journal

I finally uploaded pictures from the last week onto my computer. In celebration of being back in Victoria for one week, here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been up to for the last week or so:
February 1, Nicole came over from Victoria and we took in the Canucks-Oilers game at GM Place. Unlike the previous Canucks games Dad and I have been to, the Canucks actually won.

We had great seats… lower than I’ve sat before!
Vespa, however, was less than impressed with all the noise and was pretty excited when we left to go home (on the skytrain).

That night, before we left for the game, there was the most amazing full moon rising over the Golden Ears. Yes, this is the view from Dad and Colleen’s place in New West. And I don’t have photoshop or anything like that, so these are all as they were photographed!

Now that I’m back in Victoria, I’m living in a new part of town (new for me anyway) – on the “other side” of the water in Vic West. The townhouses/apartment building is pretty distinctive and very cool looking:

And the apartment has incredible light from the zillion windows (and there’s a huge balcony)

my room… with a spare bed for when I have visitors… hint hint…

And there is a fab view out of the windows… this is a little fuzzy, but we can see all the way to Mt. Doug and, looking the other way, the Empress

Even better, I am super close to the shipyard where I will be working. Here you can see the Pacific Grace in dry dock. She was there for a couple of days this week, getting ready for the upcoming season which starts (gulp) really really soon (she is missing her top masts in case you are wondering why the masts look so short and stubby). And yes, this is the boat which will be my home for a whole year when we’re off sailing the South Seas and to the Far East.

These last two are not my pictures… they are off of the S.A.L.T.S. website. The first is none other than the Pacific Grace. This is the one I’ll be sailing on this year. The second is the Pacific Swift. People familiar with my sailing history will remember my fond tales of her. It is the Swift that I have sailed on for every trip I have taken with S.A.L.T.S. since my first trip in October 1999. And, incidentally, if you need a job starting, say, next week, and want to be a part of a wonderful organization like S.A.L.T.S., give me a shout because we need another cook. Not only would you get to sail, but you would get to sail on the Swift (and she is so much more the pirate-looking ship of the two, complete with a mini cannon!) for a good 4 months or so. Yes, you know you want to…!


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