A Ring of Endless Light

Here endeth my first week of work. Last week was great; we spent four days doing an Old Testament survey and talking about our relationship with Creation and how we can convey it to the trainees. It was also a great way to spend time with the rest of the crew not on the boat.
Today was the first day in the shipyard! I spend the morning in the galley (actually, I spent the whole day in the galley…) exploring. Sarah taught me how to light the stove and it began to get warmer in there. First, I had to find the galley. Not locate it, but find it underneath all of the things which managed to accumulate over the winter. There is a new cabin being built in the hold, so there are lots of tools and miscelaneous other things lying all over in the hold and galley. Then, there was cleaning of the counter tops. Next I had to sand the rail around all of my counters in preparation for oiling this afternoon. After lunch, it was cleaning out cupboards and investigating what is in the galley. I found a binder of info and notes from previous seasons and offshores (!!!) which will be a HUGE help! Bring on the season!

Last night was nice and still. I went to bed early but woke up around midnight/1am and couldn’t go back to sleep right away. I decided to walk down to the waterway and take some pictures… becuase I do that kind of thing and it is only about 50m down to a little wooden, covered platform that juts out over the water. I spent about half an hour out there enjoying the silence… well, the silence broken by ducks making lots of noise. My favourite surprise when looking at the photos when I got back in was a heron standing in the water which I couldn’t actually see when I was out there.

Here is the Bay Street Bridge in time exposure. You can see the Johnson St Bridge in the background. This is the one with my heron standing in the reflections from the bridge!

This one is also a time exposure of the appartment/office/?? across the waterway from here. The tide was going out.

The covered wooden thing I was standing in and taking pictures from. There were lots of clouds… apparently there was a storm last night, probably after I was outside, but I didn’t hear it… and they were all blowing across the sky at a fair rate.

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