Summer on the Island

Summer has come to the Island. With it also comes hoards of tourists and the re-emergence of the source of one of my pet peeves: people who walk slowly and weave so as to take up the entire sidewalk. How anyone gets anywhere faster than a snail’s pace is beyond me.
Summer also means that there are lots of great music acts playing practically every night around town. This week was no exception: I went to two shows and very nearly went to a third. Tuesday night was Feist. It was the opening night of the tour and, to be quite frank, it showed. All was redeemed last night when I saw Loreena McKennitt’s show at the Royal Theatre. I had a fantastic seat: centre of the front row of the 2nd section in the balcony. I was essentially looking straight at her the entire night. Unfortunately, I developed the urgent need to pee midway through the 3rd song and tried to focus on the songs while praying for the intermission to come soon. That did not detract from the experience though. Between the different sounds (There was quite the collection of instruments; I had no idea that she used so many different musicians and instruments. There were 9 other musicians and most of them played at least 2-3 different instruments!) and visual sights she used to create the atmosphere, I was pretty much captivated for the evening, as was everyone else I talked to. So now I’ve been listening to An Ancient Muse non-stop…
Hard to believe that two weeks from today I’ll be moving onto the boat in preparation for taking off for over a year. Today I went and picked up a bunch more things I’ll need in the medications and toiletry departments. That stuff is expensive! Now that I have all of it, I won’t get sick at all the entire Offshore, rendering everything I just bought unnecessary. But, Murphy’s Law, if I don’t buy it, I’ll get sick and wish I had. I am very glad, however, that I am not backpacking all of this and I have a “permanent” home and a place where I can store everything.
I’d also like to extend an open invitation to everyone in Victoria (or those who wish they were!) to come down to the Inner Harbour June 3rd (Sunday) around 2pm – that is when our send-off ceremony will be and it is the last glimpse you will get of me for a year. Mark it on your calendars and I’ll see you there.

Sunset over Swartz Bay

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