Never fear, pictures are here!! These are going back in time from Samoa to Tahiti on Leg 3. I ran out of time so there is no Tonga or Fiji for now. Although you can see Fiji pictures from Dads visit on his site… 🙂

Robert Louis Stevenson’s house in Independant Samoa

Bob the Mayor on Palmerston

My Palmerston Island Family – Leslie with Sidney, Robyn, Inano, Katie, Chase with Ned, Julianna, Jamie with Caroline, Me, Metua

Antony and I entertain the Palmerston Islanders

The boys do their dance on Palmerston
And the girls do ours

Little Caroline

Bora Bora

THAT day in Rarotonga…

…and all the groceries Katie and I bought the next day in Raro with the help of Bill Marsters

Jamie, Robyn and I biking around Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Survivor Cook Islands was here, or, rather on those two little motus

Rowing ashore in the dories

Me up the mast in Bora Bora.

Bora Bora…

Bora Bora…

Bora Bora pearl farm

Sunset over the boat in Moorea

Me and the blue…

A motu off of Raiatea

Black pearl farm on Tahaa

Sunrise in Moorea, French Polynesia, our first stop out on Leg 3
Moorea lagoon from our epic hike up the ridge

Tav doing what Tav does best…

(L-R) Chase, Me, Tav, Matt, and Elske on our hike up Moorea

Rewards for our labour afterwards at the Moorea Rotui juice factory


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