Ummm, home?!?

So, I’m home.  Back in Canada that is, and not living on a boat.  Home is somewhat of a nebulous concept as half of my belongings are still currently in a storage locker and the other half are spread around the spare room at Dad’s, waiting for me to brave the chaos and organize/sort/get rid of things.  Its a bit overwhelming.  Currently, I’m in the den with the Internet avoiding chaos.

Post-offshore, I’ve discovered that I have friends in Vancouver (yes, newsflash, Gillian has friends) and I am rediscovering the joys of a social life.  Being on a boat for a year does incur a certain amount of social-ness, however you’re pretty much always seeing everyone so the whole concept of making dates and going somewhere is fairly novel.
Update on the next little bit: In and out of Vancouver… Montreal end of June-beginning of July… possibly PG end of July and Edmonton beginning of August then back to the boat for the last two summer trips around the Island and working in Victoria for the fall.  Its nice to have these things laid out for you, saves brain power.  
Brain power is at a premium at the moment.  I have been declining all food-related decisions other than “I like that” or “I don’t really enjoy eating that” and will continue to do so for another few weeks.  I have been thinking about little other than food for the last year.  I need a break.  Its to the point that I am actually not interested in food.  Oh, I eat.  Otherwise I would be ravenously hungry all the time and then I’d have to make food decisions, then where would I be?  I just don’t sit and think about all the wonderful food items I would like to enjoy and I have little in the way of cravings.  
I’m contemplating adding to Flikr my favorite photos I’ve taken on Offshore (about 200) so all can see them.  Thoughts? Will they be looked at or is that a massive waste of my time?

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