The Green Shift

$100 Climate Action Dividend for British Columbians – – this year’s Provincial budget is making it easier for British Columbians to choose a lower carbon lifestyle.
For more information on the Climate Action Dividend and tips on going green while saving money, please visit:
Best Regards,
Premier Gordon Campbell

Thank you Gordon and the BC Liberals.  I got my $100 cheque in the mail and promptly deposited it, thinking about all the ways $100 could stretch to help me reduce my carbon emissions.  Oh wait, I have very little, except when the stove on the boat is acting up.  Thanks anyway.  Now the Federal Liberals are following suit with their ‘Green Shift’ plan.  

The biggest green shift I’ve noticed recently is my own shift from a mostly green wardrobe to blue.  Crazy.  Not sure how that happened.

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