Moving in

Yesterday I took the drive over to Victoria for the day.  A very Long day.  Apparently BC Ferries is now Awesome squared, what ever that is supposed to mean!
In the back of my Dad’s CRV was a lot of things – clothing, furniture, mattress (I caved and finally bought the bed), guitar, and random other things I thought I might need over the next year. Unloading went fairly smoothly, actually it went well. I have a lot of stuff. All of the kitchen stuff found a nice home in cupboards and drawers and dvds have gone into the library in the “living room.” Then it was off, with new roommate Steve, to do some shopping for various things (like tp, garbage cans, futon, etc) while I had the wheels for the day. 
After a long day of things like that, and forgetting to eat, it was back to put the bed together. Yay for Ikea’s 6 step process. A long 6 steps, but thats all it was. The futon, however, sounded like it was taking more than 6 steps. Steve did that. I heard the noises.

Next thing I knew, it was time to drive like a maniac back up to the ferry to catch the last one home for the evening.  Back in Vancouver now, but all set to move into Victoria!   
I’ve sent out an email with my new address and phone number.  If I’ve forgotten you, leave me a comment and as long as I have your email, I’ll send it off!

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