Welcome back to the West Coast

Two weeks ago I rejoined the Grace in Port Hardy and we left on Trip 4.  Trip 4 is the only West Coast trip I’d previously done but it is always a joy.  There was a bit of yucky weather we wished to avoid, so we headed north-ish first off, to the mainland, before ducking around Cape Scott to Allison Harbour.  We made our way through a bit of fog to Brooks Peninsula then down to Rugged Point and finally Hot Springs Cove.  Scenery on the west coast of the Island is some of the most unspoiled in the country and is simply stunning.  We were treated to humpback shows and porpoises playing.  Jordan managed to lasso a ginormous sunfish which proceeded to dive so he chose to let go rather than do for a dive of his own.  It was crazy to see him in the water with that “thing” (it doesn’t really look like a fish. It actually doesn’t really look like anything from this planet).  The last two nights of the trip were in the Broken Group just south of Ucluelet (Pacific Rim National Park).  In a bit, the water was so warm, I actually went in.  Quite the accomplishment.  We had a great group of trainees and fantastic volunteers.  My assistant cook was amazing and I couldn’t have done without him.  Two of our volunteers were offshore trainees and it was so good to have the chance to see them again and sail with them once more.  Hopefully we’ll see more of them.

For now, we rest in Ucluelet and get ready for trip 5 which starts on Wednesday.  My food arrives from the wholesale supplier tomorrow and I am petitioning crew to hang around to help me carry it onto the boat.  They don’t call the dock where we are the “54 Stairs Dock” for nothing…  I’ll have a fit bum by the end of this.

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