It is so disheartening to come back after a week at see and have over 1000 unread items on my RSS feed.  Most of those are political/newsy in nature, things that, had I been around during the week, I would have read with eager anticipation.  Now it just seems like a chore to have to read them all on two days off.  I want to make an educated decision on my vote for the election but it is way to hard to keep up with everything in just a weekend (and a weekend when I feel like doing other things than sit, glued to my computer screen).  I’ve already pretty much decided where the vote is going to go, but I really like to give them an opportunity to change my mind and make me think about the issues.  I like to be engaged in the campaign, but now I feel like it isn’t really real and nothing is going on.  I don’t like to rely on the blogs of random strangers and the few news articles I can read as sources of information for something like the future of my country.


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