Katie’s Married!

This weekend, the entire offshore crew trekked over to the mainland for the wedding of Katie and Matt.  It was a great ceremony full of intimate moments and hearty laughs.  The bubble-boy and ring bearer (youngest two of Skipper’s kids) did a fantastic job as well!

The reception afterwards was lots of fun.  I enjoy wedding receptions where I know lots of people and those people are as crazy as the people I work with.  Pretty much nothing phases us anymore and we have no problem making fools of ourselves…  This is evidenced in our offshore tradition of re-writing famous songs in our songbook for special events on the boat, thus far, that has been pretty exclusively birthdays.  We decided to make an exception, and did a one-time only performance of a song we wrote for the wedding.  Antony, Sarah, Tony and I wrote it in about half an hour on Thursday after breakfast.  Karen suggested some changes then away we went.  We had two guitars and were supposed to have a kazoo but it missed its ride to the ferry (aka was forgotten).
The lyrics, below, are to the tune “I Will Survive”…
At first she was afraid, she was petrified,
Didn’t know how long she could go on and still survive.
She spent oh so many nights just dreaming of his face,
Because it was embroidered on her pillow case.
She took the year, let herself go
It’s the only time she could and Matt wouldn’t know.
She never shaved her legs and she tooted in the night,
Her hair was left unwashed and her clothes were getting tight.
Go on now go, sail out to sea,
Don’t turn around now, don’t you worry about me.
Weren’t you the one who softly said goodbye,
My name is Matt, I am a man and I don’t cry.
Oh no not I, I’ll grow my hair.
As long as I don’t cut it, your touch will still be there.
I’ve got only one year to last so I hope it goes real fast,
But I’ll survive, I will survive, hey hey hey…
(Drum and Kazoo duet…)

It took all the strength she had not to fall apart,
She journalled every day to you right from the start.
Matt you should know that you were really missed,
She brushed her teeth, just waiting for your kiss.
I must admit, I’m feeling blue,
I am so far away but still in love with you.
I was dreaming you’d drop in, just to visit me
Cause I’m saving all my loving for the one who’s loving me
And then you came, to Hawaii
With no shirt and a scooter down upon one knee.
You were the one that I wanted for all time
I could hardly wait, and now tonight you’re mine
And that’s the start, they will survive,
As long as they know how to love we know they’ll stay alive
They’ve got all their lives to live and all their love to give,
They will survive, they will survive, Amen.
And now for the requisite photo accompaniments:
The mildly offside, but oh so Katie, cake topper

George walking Katie up the aisle.

Katie and Matt

The cooks…

And the girls


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