About Time

I’ve been following the last few days worth of political intrigues with much interest. In fact, I had to unsubscribe from a couple of my RSS feeds because 200+ posts a day was getting to be too much to read. I think that the Conservatives have shown a considerable amount of arrogance as of late and I am happy that the Liberals and NDP (two parties I usually have trouble deciding between on the voting front) have finally decided to offer what other countries have long ago done with success.  While I think that the timing is unfortunate, global recession and all, I think that the timing is as a result of the inane so-called “economic stimulus” put forward by the Conservatives that amounts to doing nothing.

The Conservatives whine and whinge about the proposed coalition but really, they’ve brought it on themselves by doing very little in response to the economy as of right now.  Do I think it is the best thing for Canada to have all this focus on political wheeling and dealing?  Not really.  Do I think that it is better than having a lame government?  Absolutely.  Besides, it provides lots of very interesting reading material and makes up for a year without while on the boat and for having to spend the entire 2008 election campaign at sea.

As an interesting side-note, apparently not all the Conservatives are thrilled either.

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