From Class 4 to ID

I took my class 4 knowledge test today.  It is required for work and is what you need to drive passenger vehicles up to 10 people, ambulances, taxies, handy-dart, and the like.  I’ve already driven the work van, so I’m not sure what the big deal is.

I was worried it was going to be a difficult test because the book is a million pages long and there is a lot in there that has absolutely no application to me so I wasn’t really all that interested in reading it.  I read through the book twice (falling asleep during the second reading this morning) and then walked over to the closest ICBC centre this afternoon to take it.

It was easy.  I didn’t even need the 35 alloted questions before I had the 28 right answers… although the huge glaring red screen every time I got a wrong answer was somewhat disturbing.  It makes me wonder how easy it actually is to get a license here in BC?

Next up, the road test sometime in January.  Until then, I have a yellow piece of paper as my license.  This sucks somewhat because the only time I ever get IDd is when I have I have a temp license; it never happens when I have the plastic one with my picture, only when I have that cursed yellow piece of paper.  Makes me wonder if I should start carrying my passport around?


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