The forecasted 10-15 cm of snow we are supposed to get overnight is well on its way to becoming reality.  In true Victoria fashion, drivers are taking 2 lanes and driving 15km/h with 4-way flashers, roads are shut down, tires are spinning and people are spinning out. My bet is that there will be no bus service in the morning.  I wonder if we’ll still have the Christmas Pageant at church?

I find this all very amusing and if I had a helmet for my new bicycle I would ride to church tomorrow morning.  However, as much as I trust myself, I don’t trust other drivers and I’m not going out with them without full body armour.

The snow is making me feel much more like it is Christmas.  I haven’t really seen snow for 2 years (other than a bit of ice in Beijing in February).  Victoria looks quite beautiful now.  If it lasts, I’ll get some photos in the morning when the sun is up.


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