The excitement of the last few days of snow and wind has somewhat plateaued and I’ve settled into the routine of couch potato.  It is difficult to motivate oneself to go outside into cold and snow when it is completely frigid outside.  I know, “frigid” is relative, but for me, it is pretty darn cold.  It doesn’t help matters when everything in Victoria also shuts down as a result of the weather.  I left to go to church on Sunday evening and there was no one there.  It was disappointing.  Both staff Christmas parties I was to go to this week have been cancelled

Don’t get me wrong, however, I did leave the house today.  It was a beautiful sunshiny day with the temperature hovering just above zero.  If it wasn’t for the deathly icy roads in places, it would have been a fabulous walk.  It was a fairly productive walk.  I now have my UVic student card for next semester, complete with bus pass and gym membership.  I was able to get a new one so I no longer look 14 on my university student card.  Bonus.

Then it was home to resume my status as resident couch potato.


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