Home Sweet Home

I’ve made it back to Victoria and it took a record 6 hours.  I probably could have flown across the country in that time period.  

I got to the ferry in Vancouver with time to spare for the 1200 sailing.  However the ferry for said sailing was not there, was not there, was not there.  Finally, I went to find out what was going on just as they made an announcement that our ferry was arriving in the next five minutes.  I turned just in time to see it leaving Berth 1 and maneuvering over to Berth 5, narrowly missing an incoming ferry…  Good start.

Once on board, they made an announcement about high winds preventing them from getting there in time blah blah blah.  I went and talked to the Chief Steward and found out the real reason was a faulty Berth 4 resulting in needing to be at Berth 1 which doesn’t have a connecting ramp and when they went to move to Berth 5, a faulty starboard engine was discovered.  Slightly dodgy.  
We arrived in Victoria nearly an hour late resulting in me missing the express bus to downtown.  Milk run it was.  I finally arrived home, two bus routes later, around 4:30pm, nearly six hours after leaving.  Go-olly.
Welcome home.

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