Life and Times of a Student

It is official, I am back to school.  I’ve had two days of classes thus far, although one of the lectures was cancelled due to flooding in Sooke.  I’m not joking:

Date: Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 7:37AM

Subject: Class cancellation

Good morning,

Due to severe flooding in Sooke, Dr. ——  is unable to make it in for class today.



Department Secretary, Department of Philosophy

I guess it must be pretty bad.

The rain has also brought out what I believe is the new unofficial UVic uniform: trendy gumboots, preferably in plaid, although cute cartoon characters is also acceptable.  Lululemon hoodies are so passe, gumboots are the thing of today.

It has been an interesting two days.  I made a minor spectacle of myself as the instructor walked by just prior to class starting yesterday exclaiming about some new technology in the classroom.  I believe my words were something like “They sure didn’t have this last time I came to this university.”  Makes me sound like some kind of university player or something.  The prof game me a strange look followed by a smile before continuing to the front of the room.  *Sigh,* there is nothing like making yourself noticed on the first day!


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