Day 4

Of my Chicken Curry.  I finished it tonight, although it probably should have lasted for another day.  Consequenly, I am stuffed and ready to fall asleep as I sit here.  I already nearly did doze off while lying on the couch.

I’m feeling much better at the close of this week than I was at the close of last.  I had a great meeting today with someone on campus which helped lots.  I also worked all day yesterday which accounts for me getting nothing done in the way of readings and anatomy lab but does amount to a couple dollars for the bank account.  All I need to do now is figure my life out and I’ll be set!  On the plus side, I have spent much more time with my guitar as of late and though the strings need to be changed something fierce, I’m getting a whole lot more comfortable with picking.
So bring on the weekend…
What am I looking forward to this weekend?
  • Church for one (and two, since I often go to Evensong on Sunday as well). And choir because that is a big part of my Sunday morning.  Its the reason I get up 45 min earlier to get to church 45 min earlier.
  • A long walk.  I somehow managed to miss my walk this week.  Last week I got in a 3 hour walk (including the coffee break in the middle) and a long bike ride out to see Bonice.  This week: nada.
  • Some quality reading of the book lent to me by someone in choir.
  • Maybe the beginning of an illustrious banjo career if the promise of a loaner banjo comes to fruition.
  • Sleep.
What am I not looking forward to this weekend?
  • Possibly heading in to campus to work on my anatomy lab. (But working on the lab either way.)
  • Reading chemistry.
  • Lots of reading of biomedical ethics.
  • To accomplish all of the looking forward to things and at least one and a half of the not looking forward to things.
And in recent activity, I’ve gotten back on the Twitter train, though I couldn’t get my old username back, and I’ve joined Plinky, a new site like Twitter except that it asks a fun question. It is brand new so I was even able to get any user name I wanted…

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