New Directions (Again)

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking on the subject of music as of late. I hope to assimilate it all into something coherent at some point in the not too distant future but its not coming together to my satisfaction yet, so that will have to wait. Perhaps that is why I’ve been so rubbish about posting lately: avoidance.

I finished up another application to graduate school and sent it off in the post yesterday. That felt really good. For those of you not yet in the know, I’ve been rethinking my direction over the last couple months. There has been some serious thinking and praying going on over here as I determine if I am headed in a direction I would be happy with. Increasingly, nursing was feeling like a bad move: easy to get a good paying job, easy to travel all over the place with once graduated, but not sitting well inside. I tend to follow my gut like that – I’ll think everything out rationally, even make pro/con lists, and then follow my intuition. It has worked well for me thus far. It was feeling like a bad move as I was feeling trapped, a feeling I don’t like, and not entirely happy. All that and I had not even started the program yet.

So, after lots of walking and praying (I pray better outside while I’m walking all over the place) and after some serious consultation with a select few friends and family, I’ve gone back to the original original plan. The plan that was the plan before I even finished my undergrad: counseling. Really it was the plan all along, I think, I just lost sight of it in my relief to be done school.  I’ve applied at a distance program which will allow me to live wherever I want and have a job at the same time. The beauty of this is that I now don’t have to leave Victoria, something I was increasingly reluctant to do. Ironic, the world traveller doesn’t want to move for the first time in ages. I guess it is time for me to spend some more time and invest in a community for longer than six months to a year.

I haven’t cancelled my application to McGill for nursing yet. I guess I want to see if I can actually get in… but it is looking less and less likely that I will follow through on that even if I get accepted. I’m excited about staying here and excited about pursuing something that feels like a much better fit.


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