March Mayhem

I’d like to say that I don’t talk about the weather, but lately in Victoria the weather is all anyone is talking about, or so it seems. It has been pretty crazy! After the last few days, I’m quite happy not to be working on the boat at the moment. Yesterday we had seriously intense, practically gale-force winds that shook the house and broke the sign outside the shops behind us. I was waiting for it to come crashing through my window at some point during the night.  

The wind often carries rain that beats down in driving sheets. I had to time my visit to the grocery store yesterday: I laid everything out to go and as soon as it looked like I would have a clear fifteen minutes, I dashed out the door, down the hill, and across the street to the Fairway. I made it back just before the heavens re-opened.

I was similarly lucky today. As I was walking home from work around 5 pm, I noticed it was starting to spit. Seconds after I closed the front door behind me, the heavens opened and rain began beating down once more. A few seconds later it turned into a blizzard.
It is getting fairly ridiculous. March is half way over and we should have bushes, trees, and gardens full of beautiful flowers. It should be warm and sunny. Or at least warm. The birds should be out and I should be able to walk down the street without worrying if I am going to be blown away. I had enough of that when we lived in Lethbridge (being blown off of a bicycle in the middle of a downtown intersection is never fun). Right now, I feel sorry for the poor plants that have been sending out buds only to be thwarted by frigidly cold weather. They must be getting a little confused by it all. I am confused by it all. And I feel sorry for me too. I hope it is nice tomorrow when I walk to class…

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