Crunch Time

I’m trying hard not to procrastinate on the studying, thus far it is not working. There is a post that is dying to be written – I have a draft down in my journal – but it will take longer than I have at the moment.

I have a busy week coming up. It is (mostly) a good busy – seeing friends I haven’t seen since possibly pre-Offshore days (which means coming up on two years), a Counselling course I’m throughly enjoying, and choir practice. The bad busy is two quiz/tests on Wednesday: the last of the dreaded O-Chem until the final and the second-to-last Human Anatomy. Consequently I need to be on top of my game to get things done on time. I’d like to finish the course work with a halfway decent grade in both classes. Right now, despite an abysmal grade on the last quiz/test in each, I’m pulling off a solid B+/A- (considering I haven’t been really studying for the last half of the semester, I’ll take it).

In other news, I have been conditionally accepted, pending completion of O-Chem, to the MSc Nursing program at McGill. Even though I no longer have any intentions of doing this program, it is nice to know that I can get in. Now I have to wait for another couple weeks to hear back from my preferred Masters program.

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