Maundy Thursday

I had good intentions of going to the High Mass service tonight for Maundy Thursday. I really did. Up until I started to think about how little studying I had done over the past week in preparation for my exams beginning in a week. I have a study calender set up that I have not adhered to. In fact, the only thing that will probably end up happening as planned is the day labeled “Freak Out Study Time” before my last two back-to-back exams.

So what did I do this evening? I came home and checked my email and then decided to go to yoga. I’ve never done yoga before but a hot yoga studio has opened (a few months ago now) just 5 blocks away and I’ve been thinking of checking it out for ages now. The heat wasn’t as bad as I had expected – I did live through PNG heat! I am everybit as inflexible as I have always been, but it was good and I feel refreshed now. The problem is, I got home at 10pm after not having really eaten dinner and having not studied a lick this evening.

Currently, I am listening to iTunes on “Neglected” (tracks I haven’t played since I uploaded all my music from iPod to computer and whipped all play counts), attempting one of the chem exams I printed off, drinking water, eating Girl Guide cookies, and reading through my RSS feed. This sermon is a fascinating and stimulating read. Enjoy.


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