Alleluia, He is Risen!

Every year that I have been in Victoria for Easter, I have made the trek down to Cadboro Bay for The Place’s sunrise service. Easter morning sunrise services were something we used to do growing up and it is fun to go whenever I get the opportunity. As my friend Eric notes, it was raining this morning, making it fairly difficult to get up and out of bed. But that didn’t stop the 100 or so people who turned out at 6am. There were bonfires on the beach, and three driftwood crosses stuck into the sand. As it slowly got lighter, we sang songs celebrating the risen Lord and reflected on some passages of scripture.

I took this picture as the service was ending, it reminded me of one of the readings that morning, John 21 when the resurrected Jesus appears to his disciples along the seashore and enables them to catch a boatload of fish. After they have cooked the fish up on a fire, Jesus “reinstates” Peter.

Then I rushed back home to get ready (shower and rid myself of the smell of campfire) before heading down to the Cathedral for the Easter service this morning. We had helium balloons and chocolate! There was a fun energy about the service this morning, perhaps because of the tambourines and trumpet, perhaps because we were all excited. He is Risen, Alleluia!

As I sit here and reflect on the photos I have included with this post, it strikes me that they are so different yet so the same. One is celebrating the resurrection in the beauty and simplicity of the outdoors, God’s natural creation. It is cold, dark, and raining but that doesn’t dampen the spirits of those there to celebrate. The other is inside of one of the grandest churches in town with lofty ceilings and beautiful stained glass. However, the result is the same, a group of people gathered together to celebrate the resurrection and praise the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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