Happy Thursday

The end of classes was heralded with much excitement and fanfare on my part. Foolishly, I thought that would mean I would have more time at my disposal. Apparently working five days a week actually is more time consuming. I feel like I haven’t had any time at home to do things like vegetate in front of my computer. It is quite tragic, really; not only has my online posting suffered, but I have fallen behind in my reading (opening Google Reader causes much fear and trepidation on my part as too many unread items is stress inducing). Never fear, I have still been thinking and while I am about to drive out to Colwood to work in our office out there for the day, I will continue to think and ponder. I have been blessed to have been a part of some stimulating conversations over the last few days as well and am still processing them. Until then, happy Thursday and second-to-last-day of my work week!


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