Long Weekend

I like long weekends. Especially ones where 2 out of 3 of the days are pretty nice. Today it is pouring, at least it was dry for the parade this morning. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Friday after work, I biked down to Cadboro Bay to walk a bit and enjoy the beach. I also managed to bike all the way up Sinclair Hill without stopping.

On Saturday I undertook an epic walk downtown via Mayfair Mall and Beacon Hill Park/Cook St Village/Fairfield. I actually fell asleep on the beach halfway through because I was a little tired. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were lots of kites and boats out along the waterfront at Dallas Road. Then I called up a friend and we met for dinner which turned into dinner, tea and desert and a 3 hour chat.

Sunday was a great morning at the Cathedral with a fantastic message by the Dean (newly minted Dr. Dean). I walked most of the way home, via Ross Bay Cemetery – the oldest in the city where everyone who was anyone is buried including a few former governors and Emily Carr.

In the afternoon I again biked down to Cadboro Bay and read on the beach for a couple hours, watching all the people down there enjoying the sun and all the boaters out on the water. I did not manage to make it all the way up Sinclair Hill this time. It pains me to admit that.

Currently, it is raining something fierce but that didn’t stop a group of us from enjoying the parade this morning. I foolishly wore shorts, thinking it would be as nice as it was yesterday. It wasn’t. We stood in the middle of View St for about 4 hours watching the most random parade I have ever seen. We enjoyed the marching bands the most, though we also enjoyed making fun of some of the more random floats/groups participating.

Now I’m relaxing and enjoying the rest of the weekend before back to work with a vengance tomorrow.


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