Kenya: Week 1

The past week in Kenya has been a whirlwind!

The morning after we arrived, we were off driving down to the Rift Valley to take part in two food distributions in two different Maasai villages. We were warmly welcomed into both villages and greeted with Maasai blankets and jewelry. I think we’ve been adopted into their villages now! At each place, the neediest of the people were given 3L of oil, 50kg of maize and 10kg of beans. This will feed a family of around 8 for approximately 2 weeks. We witnessed some singing and dancing and took part in a discussion Dad and Colleen led with a small group of villagers discussing the need in the village and how they will cope when the distribution comes to an end in 2 months. It was moving to hear of how lives have been impacted by this seemingly small amount of food.

We also spent time walking around saying hi (“sopa”) to everyone and trying to communicate as best as we could. It is frustrating to have a language barrier with such warm people.

Here is Dad making friends with some of the men of the village. I took a picture of the one on the far left and then showed it to him. He adjusted his blanket and sat a little straighter and then motioned for me to take another!
Here, some of the women are singing just before the food distribution began. They wear the brightest colours and have beads all over.
All of the food received has to be carried home somehow. Most often on the back of the beneficiaries.
We’ve seen lots of crazy cool wildlife, including this giraffe which was ambling along the side of the road as we drove home last night.
Today we visited a women’s centre here in Nairobi. My friend Nancy spent some time here a few years ago and she made this mosaic! Everyone I met who knows her still speaks of her time there very highly.

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