Little Things

It never ceases to amaze me how the simple, small things in life can give so much joy and pleasure. Like listening to the birds as I walk to work in the morning.
Watching the clouds change colour over the Olympic mountains at dusk.
The exhilaration of a good run.
Ripe blackberries by the side of the road.
Accidentally dropping a whole size or two over the summer (therefore being my proper size for the first time in ages).
Finishing a good book and starting another.
Feeling loved and included in community.
A picnic lunch on lunch break from work.
Reading a book in the peace of a beautiful garden.
An unexpected call from New Mexico.
Fresh vegetables.
I hope that I never get too busy or too caught up with life to stop and take time to enjoy the small things. Multiplied, these things are fairly substantial and have the ability to make or break a person’s day. Maybe I need to think about what little things I do that can add joy to someone’s life. Just thinking.


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