It’s not a Carbon Footprint, its a Carbon Snowshoe

I’m in Edmonton.

On the plane flying here I began to count the number of aeroports I’ve been to this summer and I got embarrassed by the number. Since May: Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Victoria, Amsterdam, Nairobi, Mombassa, Calgary, Edmonton… That is disgusting (but also pretty fantastic when you realize it covers a good chunk of Canada plus 2 other countries/continents and that all of it was planned on fairly short notice – for me).

Edmonton this weekend was a bit of a whim – I had aeroplan points. They were about to expire. So I booked a flight to Edmonton for the long weekend. Jen moved in to her new place last week and so we spent today unpacking. Correction: Jen unpacked while I cleaned the bathroom (Its an interesting bathroom – the shower drain is my favourite, photo to follow when I have my uploader). Then we went to Ikea with a friend and laughed/shopped away a few hours there before I finished cleaning the bathroom and Jen put together the Ikea furniture.

Between cleaning my bathroom yesterday for new roommate to arrive and cleaning Jen’s bathroom today, I think I’ve cleaned enough bathroom for awhile. Plus, there are no more cross-province/country/continent/ocean flights planned for awhile so hopefully my carbon snowshoe will shrink back down to a small footprint.


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