About that Run

It is Saturday morning, I’m home alone. One roommate still isn’t back from her week-and-a-half long field trip (who knew they did field trips in university?!?) and the other probably went to visit her parents. The house is quiet, though I was awoke by the loud rain last night, especially when it started to come in my open window onto my bed. I’m having a lazy morning. I made chocolate brownies yesterday and then proceeded to consume far too many of them. Consequently, I should really go for a run this morning. But that would involve… running. Perhaps I’ll just go for a long walk instead.

The sun is out now and aside from some dark, damp spots on the pavement and rooftops, you can’t really tell that there was any rain last night. It is amazing what can happen without our knowledge while we are sleeping. Like the time I woke up with a spider crawling through my hair. How did it get there? Where did it walk before it got to my hair? Possibly there are things I don’t really want to know.

I like my current schedule: work for the first three days of the week then do school/friends/church on the remaining. I haven’t gone insane yet and I haven’t been too lacking in sleep. I am even discovering the joy of having papers written more than 8 hours before their due date. It is really quite freeing. Currently, my assignments are due Sundays at midnight, so writing them on Sunday is not really an option – I’m much to busy. The last two weeks I’ve taken to writing them on Friday which is amazingly early for me. It is quite a nice feeling to not be rushed in the last remaining hours leading up to a due date. Why did I not discover this during my undergrad years? Possibly because I am actually less busy than I was during my undergrad. Even with three (well, two and a half) days of work, I feel like I’m doing less than I have been. Maybe it is because I have less time I need to commit to school work. Maybe it is because I can fit my school work around the other parts of my life and so still have free time when I need it. (Friends in Victoria, that means I can have coffee with YOU!) Now I just need to transfer that healthy schedule over to other parts of my life. About that run…


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