Autumn on the Island

Fall is here on the Island. I love the crisp, bright days and cool nights. The colours have been spectacular and it makes me happy to walk through the park with crunchy leaves underfoot watching the sun stream through leaves. There have been days of rain and mornings of fog, but they are just adding to the beauty of autumn in Victoria.

The Friday of Thanksgiving weekend, Matthew and I took Grebe out for a sail to move her from her summer location in Cadboro Bay to her winter dock in the Inner Harbour (right in front of the Empress). It was a lovely day and made even better by having the chance to say hi to friends on the Pacific Grace before heading out. Not only was the whole crew there to say hi to, but another friend was volunteering on that trip and one of the leaders was someone I knew from last season. It was a bit of a reunion of friends. Then we had a great sail, accompanied by both the Grace and the Pacific Swift (sort of… they were faster).

Intervening time has been spent with school, work, and various other things mixed in. School is coming along well, there is only a little more than a week remaining in my first course. While I have learnt very little in this course, it being a repetition of what I spent my undergrad learning, it has been a good refresher of material and a good way to get my feet back into school while learning a new [online] format. Dad and Colleen came over for a visit last week, bringing lots of boxes for me from my things still in Vancouver. I now have all my old textbooks here for reference. It was a great chance to catch up with them now that they are home from Kenya, and hear in person about how the remaining 3 months of their time went there.


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