Advent #2

On December 6, 1989 fourteen students left their homes, going about their daily lives. Little did these young women know their dream would be ended by a blast of gunfire. On that day, violence robbed their families, friends, and society of their light and hope in this world.

Twenty years later we are still striving for the elimination of violence in our society. That is why it is important for us to gather as a community to remember those who have fallen and light candles for the hope of the elimination of violence in our country and our world. Often we are too overwhelmed to hope for peace, but we must start with ourselves – “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” We need to convert our sadness into action.
(liturgy from Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada)

We had a moving service this morning at church, commemorating the twentieth anniversary of those events and looking forward to a future of Peace. The Most Rev. Andrew Hutchinson shared recollections of being in Montreal on that date and offered challenges for the future. Fourteen candles were lit and fourteen names were read along with some remembrances of the tens of thousands of unnamed women who are mistreated, abused, and exploited annually.


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