I can’t decide if I like routine or not.

Over the last few years, the one letter that has changed back and forth on my Myers-Briggs type is the one governing routine versus spontaneity. Currently, the routine side is winning.


Every Wednesday at 4:45pm, I rush out of work to catch the 4:46 bus that takes me downtown to choir practice. The last two weeks it has been late, consequently I have been late. It throws me off and can annoy me; I find myself obsessively checking my watch when that happens.

Half way between McKenzie and Hillside, a young mother and her son get on the bus. She cannot be as old as me and her son isn’t more than three or four. They have a great relationship and the mother is so patient with her son. He always seems very excited to be on the bus: each time is like his first time.

Once, I saw them opt to wait for the next bus because the 4:46 was on the full side. I probably wouldn’t do that because I am usually in a hurry.

Today, I took the bus downtown. It was an hour earlier than I catch it on Wednesdays, though the bus was still late. I am not sure I have ever caught that particular bus before as Thursdays are my day of doing lots of things – no routine. About half way between McKenzie and Hillside, the young mum and her son got on. The same pair as on the 4:46 Wednesday bus; the same place they always catch it.

I had a hard time not staring. Do they always take the earlier bus on Thursdays? Or was this a change in their routine as well? Crazy random happenstance?

Either way, it made me think about routines. I will look for them again next Wednesday.


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