No Education

From time to time, a patient at work will ask me how much school is required to do my job. I have to be honest and say that I have had none specific for my position; everything I know about my work has been learnt on the job.

Today, when a patient asked that and after I explained that I’d been doing this for six years and had learnt a lot as I went, he responded, “Its nice to know that there are still some jobs left where you don’t need any school.”

I know it was not meant in a condescending way and I know that there should be no offense taken, but I always take offense in situations like that. I have done seven years of post-secondary education and have three pieces of paper to prove it; I’m working on the fourth piece of paper. I feel like I deserve a little credit for that.

Next time when someone asks me that question, I’ll tell them “None is required, but I’m working on my Masters degree” and just leave it at that.


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