The Anglican Diocese of British Columbia had its synod this past weekend. I was not a delegate so I didn’t sit in on the endless hours of debates, but several friends did. They were tweeting the proceedings so the rest of us could keep up. And then there were the post-synod meetings in the pub to debrief…

Another result of this is a lot of press across the country: everyone is looking at the Diocese of BC to see how we handle our report suggesting church closures. We are the first diocese to really tackle these changes head-on. Another friend has been involved in the process and was interviewed in the Globe and Mail today. He talks about himself and others tweeting synod. (As well as talking about more serious and important things!)

The Primate was in town for synod, as was Sr Elizabeth Ann of the Sisters of St John the Divine. Friend and priest of a church slated to close made a presentation at synod about a group I’ve been involved with getting established. Exciting times may be ahead.

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